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I've been an owner of an Apple Watch for almost a year now. Until recently, I never thought about using it as a audio recorder, in fact I never even actually though it's possible. But then I got this idea of how cool if would be to have a full portable recorder on your wrist. Kind of like almost being a spy (always dream of being one). At first I even wanted to call my app as "Watch Spy Recorder," but then I decided to stick with just Watch Recorder.

1. Research

First thing you do when you got an app idea — you research. Sure enough there are plenty of apps that can record audio from your Apple Watch microphone, but big ammount of them are not working (I assume due to watchOS 2.2 update, which simply broke audio recording), so there is a good market for an app with a good user interface and good sharing capabilities. Let's do this!

2. Bussines plan

Application is distributed for free, but will include in-app purchase of Premium version with extended capabilities. See screenshot below for differences between Free and Premium vesions of an application:


3. Making an Apple Watch app

Main part of an application is going to be an Apple Watch extension. Without actual physical Apple Watch device, connected iPhone app is not going to function (unless Watch was previously connected and some audio recorded).

Main screen of application is consist of timer that's shows time of previous recordin, settings labels that shows user what currect audio settings he has and four action buttons around it: record, settings, info and list of recordings. "Play" button will appear once user record an audio. Nice feature that user can use, is actually option to hide action buttons in the settings, but still have access to them using Force Touch.

Watch Recorder – main screen
Watch Recorder – hidden action buttons
Watch Recorder – Force Touch action buttons

Recording screen of application due to Apple restriction cannot be hidden during recording process. Maybe during future watchOS updates we will have that control, but for know if user tries to make discreet recording, best advice at this point is to not flash your watch screen:

Recording screen

Settings screen of application containg possible recording quality options: 128 (free), 256 (premium), 706 (premium) kbps. Audio file format settings: m4a (free), mp4 (premium), wav (premium). By default FREE recording time is only 1 minute, to unlock unlimited time recording please purchase premium version of application.

Watch Recorder - Settings screen
Watch Recorder – Settings screen

Info screen contain uselful user information, foe example it's useful to set your phone/watch to "Do Not Disturb" mode, because incomming notification will interrupt recording process. Hopefully this will be fixed in future watchOS updates:


List of recordings screen contain all records that user created:


From here user can choose recording and review it's details, re-play and delete recording. Note: re-naming of the recording can only be done on paired iPhone device:


Main feature of an application is that all the recordings being transfered into paired iPhone device with WatchConnectivity framework. If recording being removed or re-named it will be syncronized between devices.

4. Making an iPhone app

iPhone app is a hub for recordings where user can play/rename/delete and share recorded files.

iphone_app_watch_recorder IMG_0073 IMG_0074


If you have Apple Watch, please download, try and rate.

Till next time!

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