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2016 in one post

January 17th 2016:

Detroit International Auto Show


January 30th 2016:

Moved out of my first rental house


Fabruary 2nd 2016:vMacklemore show (pic from Thrift shop song)


Fabruary 12nd 2016:

Visited Chicago for a weekend


Fabruary 28th 2016:

Moved to a new rental house, painted 2 rooms


March 19th 2016:

Partied at "Irish on Ionia" in Grand Rapids City for St. Patrick's Day


April 22nd 2016:

Went to see Queen Kwong show in Ferndale


June 29th 2016:

Cedar Point with my parents for my 28th Birthday


July 15th 2016:

Partied at Faster Horses Country Music Festival with Mike, Dale and Nick at the Michigan International Speedway in-field.


July 29th 2016:

Saw MM and Slipknot at DTE Music Theater


August 3rd 2016:

Saw Coldplay at Palace


August 20th 2016:

Woodward Dream Cruise and picture 1st camaro ever build


August 30th 2016:

Saw Blink-182 at DTE Music Theater


September 2nd to 5th 2016:

Vocation started! Explored San Francisco, California!


September 5th 2016:

Took a selfie like I'm a Macbook pro at Yosemite Valley, Cali


September 6th 2016:

Hiked Congress Trail to see Giant Sequias in Giant Sequias National Park, Cali.

Left that place speachless.


September 7th 2016:

Checkout Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Took picture with a most famous star in the world.

Also, I hate traffic in that city.


September 8th 2016:

Surfed at Venice Beach for the first time in my life.

Hangover training like a pro:


September 9th 2016:

Saw the most beutiful sunset in my live over Pacific ocean in San Diego


September 28th 2016:

Attended Relient K and Switchfoot show at The Fillmore, Detroit


October 8th 2016:

Stole a sign with Mike and Dale at Polish festival "Pulaski days" in Grand Rapids


October 31st 2016:

Cosplayed Negan from The Wolking Dead for Halloween party at work


November 5th 2016:

Bought myself a cowboy hat and a boots in Nashville, Tennessee. Was initiated into hilbilly.





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November 24th 2016:

Went to upper peninsulla and: rode a four-wheeler, tracktor, shoot a gun, went on a deer hunt and become a real hillbilly in general. Awesome time.




I think I know what I'm gonna do when I'm retired 😆

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December 13th 2016:

Visited Red Wings game at Joe Luise Arena. Farewell season.




Red Wings evening at Joe Luis Arena with Interns. #Detroit #Michigan #hockey #joeluisarena #redwings #ussr

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December 31st 2016:

On a Times Square in New York to celebrate New 2017.


Happy New Year!

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2016 was alright. I traveled a lot, I visited a lot of good shows, met new friends, lost old ones. I shoot a gun for the first time, I bought myself a freaking COWBOY BOOTS! What a year!

But here is what I believe. 2017 will be sooo much better, it will be full of good surprizes and great happenings. I know that.

To all of you, Happy New 2017 Year! What a time to be alive!

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В Детройтском зоопарке (видео)

Этот ролик я вчера решился склеить и залить в интернет только по одной причине — мой блог читает мой 4-х летний племянник Вадимка. И он очень любит смотреть все видео ролики, что я выкладываю. Вообщем для тебя, племяшка.

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Вождение и дороги в Америке

На видео обычный путь который я проделываю со спортзала домой. По две полосы в обе стороны и плюс общая полоса по середине для поворотов. При этом все же пробки иногда встречаются. Средняя скорость движения 30-40 миль в час (50-65 км/ч).

Полиции на дорогах много. Но они никогда не остановят, что бы просто посмотреть на ваше водительское удостоверение или проверить есть ли у вас страховка. Если вас остановили, причина только одна — вы нарушили правила.

Кстати, получить водительское удостоверение в штате Мичиган стоит 30$, при этом не требуется даже проходить обучение, главное чтобы ты умел водить и знал правила дорожного движения.

Вообщем дороги и вождение в штатах  — одно удовольствие.

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